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How To Manage Special Needs Children At Home During Covid -19?


It is rightly said, “children with special needs are not sent to special parents; they make parents special.” Nurturing a little one with special needs or persistent conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic requires drawing on your qualities and getting back to the rudiments. During these uncommon times, Special needs parenting demands patience and additional care. One can’t deny that during COVID-19, kids with special needs and their parents are stressed and hoping that everything will be on track soon. 

In case you are in the present circumstance during the COVID-19 pandemic, realize that you can handle this situation effectively. Here are a few ways to manage special needs children at home:-

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary, Special needs parenting skills 

Always believe in your past experiences and strategies that you must have utilized before the pandemic to manage your special kid. You have to apply the same techniques but differently and more cautiously. Such as:-

  • Formulate a steady timetable for meals, prescriptions, exercise, and sleep time.
  • It is of paramount importance that you should continuously make changes that suit your kid’s needs, especially during COVID-19. 
  • Be creative! Utilize viewable prompts to delineate timetables and exercises.

Let your gem feel free in the home

Here you have to become a little lenient. Kids love to play outdoor games, but due to COVID-19, they are not able to go out and play; this may make them feel insecure and rebellious. In this case, try to explain to them the virus and how it can affect their health if they go out. Intellectually disabled kids are slow learners and they take more time to comprehend anything. So you can plan a few activities at home, to make them feel cheerful and free, such as:-

  • Art and craft activities: Try some exciting art and craft activities, such as finger painting or leaf art. These games are both entertaining and will help them to enhance their motor skills. These unique activities will keep them busy and are exceptionally helpful for Intellectually disabled kids.
  • Musical activities: Singing or dancing is a very monotonous musical activity. You have to do something different from these. Use old CDs as cymbals, empty plastic water bottles as drums, make a guitar from a cereal box. 

Keep a close watch on your child’s medical treatment Plan

This point is the most important and significant of all. Special needs parenting’s most crucial task is that you keep a track record of your special child on a daily basis. You can visit sites of care groups and associations. They may have useful data and assets for you and your family to manage the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay in touch with your doctor.

Succour them to overcome stress 

The most common problem faced by all parents during the pandemic is how to manage stress as we all are aware that the present conditions probably will not disappear overnight. Yet, it is conceivable to oversee stress so it does not affect your kid. The most powerful mantra is during the COVID19, acknowledge that things may not generally go as arranged and that your kid may commit errors. That is OKAY! Be benevolent to yourself and recall that the main activity is just to ensure your kid feels adored.


You can easily manage the special needs of your children at home during COVID-19 by following the above-mentioned points. By utilizing methodologies that have helped previously, getting ready for your kid’s clinical consideration and needs, and setting aside an effort to deal with your kid’s stress. If you want to bring a smile to the face of these special kids. There are many organizations, such as Sgsankalpam, that work for special kids. You can visit our website to donate and know more about their works.

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