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About Cause
Besides qualified and compassionate teachers and a proper edifice, learning also depends on many other factors. Things that make learning a good experience for the children. It includes furniture, like tables and chairs, and other school supplies. When you sponsor funds for tables and chairs, the entire fund goes into buying furniture for a better and comfortable classroom experience. Make a donation and help our kids to get proper education and a good life.

All donations are exempt from 50% tax under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Tax Exemption Number: DIT (E)/HYD/80G/Ren/38/(05) 09-10 Dt. 01-07-2009 Valid in Perpetuity.


1.5 million people in India live with intellectual disabilities. Less than 30% of the people suffering from mental challenges are literate or gainfully employed.

Different children have different needs. and kids with special needs are no exception to it. Yes, they might be intellectually feeble, but we can always overcome disabilities With proper care and training, these special kids can also fit into the mainstream.

All they need is your support, both emotional and financial. Our organization completely depends on personal funding.

Please Donate to the institute Generously and help it to achieve the sacred goal of taking care of special children.