What Are Special Educational Needs?

Every child is special. However, there are some that are more special than the others. These are normal children, living like every other child around them, albeit with a different intellectual ability. These are what we call children that have ‘Special Educational Needs.’ Though they may initially come off as intellectually disabled, these children are […]

How To Manage Special Needs Children At Home During Covid -19?

It is rightly said, “children with special needs are not sent to special parents; they make parents special.” Nurturing a little one with special needs or persistent conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic requires drawing on your qualities and getting back to the rudiments. During these uncommon times, Special needs parenting demands patience and additional care. […]

Help Kids With Special Needs Interact and Play

Play and interaction are essential for the overall growth of children. Through these activities, kids develop social skills, imbibe important values, and build emotional and cognitive abilities. However, special needs children require special needs parenting to learn how to play and interact with others. While these kids face developmental delays relative to certain activities, there […]